Plested release new track ‘Lost For Words’ and it is a blessing to the ears.


London based artist Phil, better known as Plested released his new track ‘Lost For Words’ which is a just him and his piano, which seems to be a rarity in amongst new music these days. His voice, similar to Lewis Capaldi’s lures you in and put’s you in a vulnerable listening state, making you feel all kinds of emotions – which is exactly what music should do.


His two previous tracks, which have more production to them – ‘Habits’ and ‘I O U (Demo)’ make you feel connected to the voice, which shows the writing and vocal talents of Plested. Tweeting out the release of his new single, it gained positive feedback from musical genius Naughty Boy tweeting ’This is my jam, beautiful song’ and I couldn’t agree more.

Coming into 2018 so strong, it’ll be very exciting to see how far this hot prospect goes, and I will defiantly be following his journey.

Listen to ‘Lost For Words’ here –

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