Getting in Vogue.

Yeah, last week was pretty cool…


I have recently been creating content with 95 Social – a social media business based in Edinburgh, and my first shoot was an Interesting one. We went down to London Road in Edinburgh to Ginger Twist Studio and made a short video for Jess, who has recently been given the name as ‘The Usain Bolt Of Knitting’ after taking part in a competition and knitting a hat in 90 minutes which is ridiculous.

We asked questions regarding her business she has been running for over 4 years now, what its like to go viral and have the epic nickname, as well as what else she offers. I definitely know where I’m going to get a Christmas Jumper this year! Once we made the video and uploaded it to the client’s page, it got a lot of media attention, the biggest coming from VOGUE. YES, VOGUE.

Okay, so it was Vogue knitting, but they are part of the Vogue Platform, so still insanely cool. As we speak, the video has had over 55,000 views in a week and still rising. It has been awesome since that gaining a lot more attention and hearing from a lot more potential clients. Thanks to Jack at 95 Social who gave me the opportunity to work with him, here’s to many more projects in the near and far future!

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