Artist To Watch For 2018.

I made a playlist last year doing the same as this, and feel the majority of them made a big impact. I’m not saying they went from less than 1000 plays to millions on Spotify and touring the world (Lewis Capaldi… in fact, he didn’t even have a song released at the start of 2017…) but they 100% made an impact. A few of them were –

The Amazons, Vistas, Marsicans, Will Joseph Cook, Ten Tonnes, LANY, Louis Berry, Declan McKenna, COIN, Tom Misch, Loyle Carner. 

All of these artists have mad such a huge impact, whether it was within their own country or on a national/international scale.

So I decided to do another one this year, which you can find a playlist including all the artists I feel will make an impact in 2018.

I hope you enjoy, and if you do give it a follow and a share!


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